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If you have found yourself reading this then you are either lost, or you get a lardon at the mere mention of bacon & eggs.


The FUP was formed on Facebook in April 2014 and almost immediately became a bona-fide, opinion-dividing, vein-clogging phenomenon.


The catalyst for it all was thanks to one mans leap of faith into fending for himself as a newly single man, only to expose his paltry attempts at cooking. The man named Peggy Golec started posting his woeful attempts on Facebook for the positive support of his peers which quickly ended in a group of them regularly rounding up on him for ridicule in front of his colleagues, friends and family. After crying into his leftover baked beans he suggested that maybe the ‘fry up police’ needed their own private group, thus stopping his mother from worrying about how he may survive on his efforts. Peggy now says his greatest inspiration comes from the amazing advice of the 85K+ fry up police on duty to help guide him through his breakfast options. He says with conviction:

Now I can look life in the eye and say ‘that sausage looks like a badgers cock’!

Incredibly, spurred on by peoples relentless enthusiasm for this Great British institution the FUP have evolved over the years to become the ‘go to’ organisation for all things fry up related.


We are firm believers in quality and standards, and believe that for everyones benefit they should be maintained at all costs. This journey has taken us from awful caff’s serving budget sausages full of arseholes, lips and bollocks to passionate award winning butchers who take enormous pride in producing mind blowing tasty produce, and for considerably less money than people might think.


We would like to use this platform to promote quality caff’s up and down Great Britain which will have been tested by us to help save you from a bad experience. We will also be showcasing produce under the heading RECOMMENDED, that we consider to be of excellence so you will know exactly where to go and what to buy to eat the best of the best.


We would love to hear from you about places we should feature so please, get in contact.

Enjoy the greasy show!